Mass media does little to help us awaken to reality. Intentionally or not, it too often keeps us chained to failed patterns and misguided beliefs. But it doesn't have to be that way.

We can choose higher mind, deeper understanding, and a more profound way of life. What point is there in doing anything else if we are not striving for such things?

Param Media has achieved significant early success, winning numerous awards and receiving extraordinary endorsements - and we are just getting started. We have dedicated our lives to this challenging spiritual path, and we want to share with others the treasures we have found.

Juan Francisco Tellez
Scenario Magician

Strategic integrator, webstack maniac, spirit boxer. Imagine an Inca Prince getting fired from a pizza joint. Telekinetic powers don't help you pass calculus. Plotinus kicks ass.


Ryoko Spencer
Chief Oracle

Happy, despite being born. Divine message receiver, love creature, mystic light emanator. Out of body experiences don't help control your appetite. Finally reading Huxley in Japanese.


John H. Spencer, PhD
Reality Reflector

Doorway to the Mysteries. Rejected by everything else. Author of the most awarded (and least read) book. Provider of visions, hunter of truth, can't sing opera. If you don't like clarity, stay away.